Opus Peace

ptsd2Opus Peace is committed to creating an Opus of Peace in our personal lives, while supporting others to do so as well. Our mission is to respond to the soul injury generated by unmourned grief and unforgiven guilt that occurs during trauma, abuse, and neglect. The word “opus” reminds us that authentic peace requires work, courageous work, to heal self. It requires work to penetrate defensive, intimidating inner terrain that often prevents us from encountering our loving, grace-filled, compassionate self that hides its vulnerability in our depths. Click on the image for more information.

Transformational Breath Work with Robin

Breathwork RobinWhen we change the way we breathe, our world is transformed. We find more peace and joy in each moment. Our lives continually improve. Transformational Breathing is a technique that teaches a form of connected breathing using the whole of the respiratory system. It’s a natural healing method that mobilizes the body’s resources toward wholeness and well-being. Many people have restricted breathing patterns which can be linked to physical health problems, emotional difficulties, and lack of energy or motivation. Working on all levels, including cause rather than symptoms, it can be used to release old issues and traumas, increase energy, and help bring about whole-body transformation.

Your mind/body/spirit is at its healthiest and happiest when your breath is not restricted. A Transformational Breath facilitator can help you identify your own particular breath pattern and gently open up blocked areas, oxygenating every cell in your body.

Robin Denman is a shamanic healer and artist who uses movement and color in his art. He practices a conscious lifestyle in his everyday life. Please see more at http://www.beautifulstreamers.com/.

Plarning with Melisa!

MaxeyAre you crafty?  Do you have scores of plastic bags you just can’t seem to remember to take to recycling?  Melisa Maxey presents a hands-on workshop making “plarn” by repurposing plastic grocery bags, removing them from our waste stream, and turning them into useful and beautiful handcrafted items that can benefit people and help save endangered sea turtles and other marine life.